Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Autism Reality in Ontario

I have been looking for the benchMARKED film for a while now - this is a production of the Ontario Autism Coalition.  It's a good introduction to autism and the realities faced by families in Ontario.  A warning before you watch - the film is a downer and I think the producers meant it that way, so watch it when you're in a good mood.  (If you get a warning saying you have to download a player, just refresh the page and fast forward to where you left off to continue.)

Also, here are some updates since this mini-documentary was made:
  • Paul Ceretti lost his appeal and Delanie was ejected from IBI.
  • Mackenzie, Paul's other twin daughter, was also ejected from IBI.
  • On a positive note, Paul has found a way to train students and other volunteers to continue this therapy for his girls on some level.
  • I have no updates on the McIntoshs.

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