Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Adventures in Toilet Training

Well, here we go.  Alanna started toilet training yesterday.  We have been preparing for this day for months.  Alanna was de-sensitized to the toilet first, then we allowed her to pee on the toilet throughout the day.  Now we bring out the big guns - bye bye pullups and hello underwear with Kushies. 

Yesterday we had a strong start - almost four hours without an accident and only going every 45 minutes.  Today we dropped that to 30 minutes because of several accidents, and now I suspect we'll be asked to drop to 15 minutes.  It's very difficult to get anything done when you're taking a child to the toilet every 15 minutes.  Alanna's biggest problem now is that I don't think she really cares if she is wet.  It's funny because if she spills liquid on her shirt, she gets quite upset and takes it off... but peeing in her underwear is not a big deal.  Perhaps we need to even remove the Kushie and just let her soil her pants.

Today we had a lot of accidents but ended on a strong note - a bowel movement in the toilet!

Doing this every 15 minutes is going to be killer.  But it will be so worth it when she trains!


  1. Good luck! Don't be too frustrated if it takes a long time - it will click eventually. For Sam is took a couple of months. His therapists started him at every 20 minutes and increased slowly. He had just turned 4 at the time and I was so worried he would out grow pull ups before he trained. For a while he had to be prompted to go to the toilet but I still remember when he actually took himself. It was a great feeling.

  2. God Speed!!! We have been through this, and well it only gets more interesting :D

  3. Go Lanna (and Tim and Becca) go!!! I love that you say "bowel movement" instead of poop. It sounds so much more clinical and official. ;)