Thursday, May 27, 2010

Alanna's Ensemble

We are signing Alanna's contract with Thames Valley Children's Centre tomorrow.  I'm pretty pumped to have Alanna's therapy team together.  Most of the team is existing from private therapy, but we have some new faces.  We have one senior therapist, four instructor therapists, a clinical psychologist and a speech language pathologist.  We can consult with an occupational therapist as needed but aren't in active occupational therapy with Alanna.  This mostly has to do with the fact that OT services are not covered by our health insurance, but also because Alanna's sensory issues, though significant, are not seriously distracting her.  I would like an OT to review an appropriate sensory diet for her though so we can be sure we're giving her the right inputs and fading out distracting inputs.  Alanna also has on-going issues with fine motor skills, feeding and using utensils.

So begins our journey with buttloads of paperwork.  I will learn the requirements tomorrow but I am sure there are lots of rules to follow, some sensical and others nonsensical.  But I'll do whatever paperwork is required if it means we get help!


  1. Congratulations again!!
    So how did the signing go??

  2. You are indeed lucky to have such a big team working together.I am glad for your daughters sake.