Monday, December 27, 2010

Sick, sick, sick...

It's been a long two weeks.  Both Mom and Alanna got gastroenteritis, then we've had something like the flu the last week.  Sickness and autism do not mix well.  When my son was sick, he enjoyed cuddles and I felt I could "do" something to help him feel better, even though I really couldn't.  But Alanna, with her limited expressive communication, couldn't express her discomfort in any meaningful way.  We have not taught her to say "I don't feel well" using PECS, sign, or any vocalization yet, so the alternative is the old standby - crying, howling, and being generally miserable.  I tried to comfort her, and although she is generally quite affectionate (a fact for which I am most grateful), she would have none of it while she was sick.  I suppose I cannot fault her much for it seeing as when I was sick I would be happy to just be left alone (that could also be just wanting a break from the kids though too!)

While I am a biomedical skeptic, I can definitely understand the premise that kids with autism who feel physically ill are going to have behaviours and not gain skills to their potential.


  1. How close are you to the Detroit area? Want to hear doctors talk about biomed? One has a child with autism.

  2. why are you a skeptic when it comes to biomedical treament for autism...we are 4 years in to treatment and our son in a "normal kindergarten class" with so called "normal" kids