Saturday, November 13, 2010

Alanna Turns Three

I can't believe it - my little girl is three years old in a matter of hours.  All this time I've been holding out - saying she is two until she is three.  Well, now she is three.  To celebrate this milestone we've created a little video on her behalf.  Happy Birthday Alanna!  You are so special to us and so many other people.  Keep amazing us - we know you will!


  1. Haha it must be a dad thing this "holding out" - my husband insisted Khaled was 3, until the night he turned 4! Happy Birthday. Wow lovely music and thanks for sharing such lovely expressions.

  2. She is so deliciously cute! Happy Birthday. The love for your little girl really emanates from your blog. I really feel that all your efforts will materialize in great things for her development. Can't wait to see how far she goes too!

  3. Tim and Becca - you have done so well. What an amazing little girl Alanna is! Thanks for sharing this.
    It reminds me how important it is to continue praying for you all as God leads you moment by moment ( and suddenly she is three!!)
    Love Auntie Kim

  4. Happy birthday Alanna!

    She is so beautiful. It's so striking to me how happy she looks in every one of the photos that you included. You are doing such a great job giving her a full, happy life.