Saturday, September 4, 2010

Simple Joys and Decisions

Alanna is finishing up some imitation programming in head action imitation and foot/leg imitations.  She'll next move through the typical ABLLS-R sequence, like mouth/tongue imitations, arm/hand imitations and fine motor imitations.

Tyler, now 15 months, is imitating spontaneously.  I don't need a verbal Sd to get his attention, like "hey copy me!"  He makes eye contact with me and just tries to copy me, usually correctly but sometimes in a funny way.  This morning, I pointed to my nose and he pointed to his head like a gun (maybe he knew what he was doing after all!)

When I see this, I can either respond with a "I wish it it were this easy for Alanna but it's not", or I can find joy in this simple moment of being a parent, having fun, and knowing that I am so thankful he does not experience the same difficulties Alanna does in this seemingly easy task.

Today I choose the latter and I laugh at him - we have fun.  This moment never comes for some parents and I am happy it came for me.  Beyond thankful.


  1. That is great. I still relish those moments with Maya. We certainly have a different perspective when our eldest is autistic. What I get a kick out of now is that Maya even imitates her brother's stims. SHe will take a straw, drop it into his straw box and flap her arms saying "ooooooooh". Then she will look up, smile and say "like Sam". Same behavior, totally different motivation

  2. Well we have decided to have another kid - and you just don;t know you know. The faith and acceptance for whatever comes is there, but there is also the underlying trepidation. It is an exercise in positive thinking and living in the moment. Its hard work!