Sunday, March 21, 2010

Travel Fun

We are blessed to have just returned from not-so-warm-but-fun-anyway Florida.  The residents were complaining, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway.  We had a few days of 22-25 degree weather and some sun.

Travelling with young children is never an easy thing.  Travelling with a child who has autism can be even harder.  Loud noises, changing environments, weird sensations, changes in pressure, crowds, boredom - all take their toll on children with autism.  Fortunately for us, Alanna did fantastic.  She tolerated the airplane movements, didn't mind the crowded airports (and even tried to play with some of the kids she met) and was a pretty "typical" two-year old during the entire experience (her brother on the other hand decided his parents are useful for practicing his head butt wrestling move and we have bruises to prove it.)

We were also worried that Alanna would hate the sand like she did last year, and not tolerate the water due to the resistance she is giving us with bathing.

Here you can see her very frustrated... uh, well, not really.  She really loved the sand!

She loved the water too and asked to go swimming!  We were so pleased.  Sometimes, despite all the challenges of autism and the special considerations you have to make as a parent, you have moments - not many - but some, where you feel like your child is just a typical kid.


  1. How wonderful! I'm glad you were able to have some family fun together.

  2. Hey Becca!
    Just wanted to let you know that i am reading your blog now for updates! :)


  3. Way to go, Alanna! What a huge milestone to overcome the sand with all the sensory issues it can present!