Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Love My Neurotypical Son

My son Tyler is almost eight months old.  So far, he is developing very differently than Alanna did.  He responds to his name, prefers people to objects, and is already able to imitate me.  It's a great sign he is probably neurotypical (i.e. not autistic) unless he regresses.  His risk of developing autism is 5% as opposed to 1.5% in the general male population.  As a parent with one autistic child you certainly worry about the rest, but so far - so good!

Having a typically developing child is therapeutic for the entire household.  He shows great interest in his big sister and he is very persistent in getting her attention.  It gives us (Mom and Dad) an idea of how typical children behave, because up until the point he was born, we didn't really know.  As he surpasses Alanna's development, he can begin to help us teach her how to socialize and communicate better.  He'll probably end up feeling more like a big brother than a little brother, but I know he'll be okay with that.

It's strange, but if we had waited longer to try for a second child, Tyler would have likely never been conceived.  I can't imagine any family dealing with the stresses of a pre-school autistic child contemplating more children, especially knowing the increased risk.  But I'm so happy he's here.  He's a great kid - for all of us.  Here's to my buddy Tyler!   


  1. Wow, lucky Alanna and you guys are blessed with two really cute looking kids.

  2. I get it. It is so wonderful to watch our son with asd interact with his nt sister. Our nt daughter is older than our son and we love the dynamic between them. Sometimes I worry about her and the burden of caring for her special needs sibling but ultimately I think she is a more compassionate and understanding person for having this experience. The benefits far outweigh any challenges for her.